Liverpool-Georgia Music Theory Colloquia

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Zoom in at 4pm UK Time / 11am UGA on Wednesdays

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2023 Programme

8th February - Dickie Lee (UGA), “Intertextual Rhetoric in Recent Popular Music” 

15th February - Adrian Childs (UGA), “How I taught post-tonal theory (almost) without using music by white men”

22nd February - Kenneth Smith (Liverpool), “Autopoiesis and Form ”

1st March - Michael Spitzer (Liverpool), “Cells and Sounds”

8th March - Mark Johnson (Manchester), “Triads and Noise” 

15th March (12pm US) - Michelle Phillips (RNCM), “Music and the golden section: evidence for and against perception”

22nd March (12pm US)- Inessa Bazayev (Louisiana State University), “Harmonic Function in Prokofiev’s Music”

29th March (12pm US, 5pm UK) - John Covach (Rochester), “Positional Analysis/Positional Listening: Performers, Analysts, and Audience.” (Participants requested to prepare by checking out this paper: 

April 19th - Ardi Echevarria (Durham): "Wagner's Formal Gift: Siegfried Idyll and the New Formenlehre"

May 17th - Richard Worth (Liverpool) - "Alma Deutscher and the Politics of Beauty"

May 24th (5pm BST/12 pm EST ) - Lawrence Davies (Liverpool): “You get words[,] you play the blues”: Blues analysis and blues poetics in the work of pianist Mercy Dee Walton

May 31st - Kenneth Smith (Liverpool) Karlowicz & Nietzsche’s “Eternal Return”


2022 Programme

14th December - Dickie Lee (UGA)

30th November - Dao Pham (Anglia Ruskin)- Piano sonatas of Kapustin

16th November - Richard Worth (Liverpool) "Something"

9th November - Mark Johnson (Manchester)"Epigenetics of Music"

2nd November - Open discussion - Theory Curriculum [NB: 3pm this week for UK]

19th October - Kenneth Smith (Liverpool) "Positive feedback as formal accelerator, or, the Romantic-virtuosic sentence in Liszt’s B Minor Sonata."

2nd Feb - Marta Riccardi (Liverpool) - Transformation theory

9th Feb - Richard Worth (Liverpool) - Comparative analysis

16th Feb - James Shufflebotham (Keele) - ‘Gravitonicity’

23rd Feb - Stephen Valdez (UGA) Beatles Themed Session

2nd March - Kenneth Smith (Liverpool) Scriabin colours and harmonic strength.

9th March - Dickie Lee (UGA) - Agency in 'Rent'

16th March (12 noon for Athens) - John Moore and Matthew Burke (Liverpool) - ‘Tuplets for Toddlers’: music theory, collaboration and digital marketing

23rd March - Kenneth Smith & Richard Worth (12 noon for Athens) - "Chord Pathfinder"

30th March (11:15 for Athens: 4:15pm UK) - David Haas (UGA) - "Four Short Poster Presentations on the Leitmotiv"

6th April - Adrian Childs (UGA) - TBC

11th May - James Shufflebotham - “Gravitonicity: Functionality and Modularity”.

25th May - Alison Gilbert (UGA)- "Settings of Housman's A Shropshire Lad"


2021 Programme

13th Oct - Dickie Lee (UGA): "Analyzing Play in Bit Brigade"

20th Oct - Jenn LaRue (UGA): "Akin Euba’s Wakar Duru: Approaching Intercultural Music"

27th Oct - Richard Worth / Kenneth Smith (Liverpool): "Thundercat,and parsimony in extended harmony"

3rd Nov - Federico Favalli (Liverpool): "Beyond the Clouds: On some Affinities between some Ideas of Karl Popper and the Music of György Ligeti"

10th Nov - Stephen Turner (UGA): Theme: The Music of Twin Peaks

17th Nov - Alison Gilbert (UGA): Poetry and meaning in English art song - Ralph Vaughan Williams and Liza Lehmann

24th Nov - Joseph Coughlan-Allen (Liverpool): “How many bars was that?: Minimalistic rhythms and hypermetric irregularity in Suicide’s ‘Rocket USA’”

1st Dec - Dmitri Tymoczko(Princeton): "The Ludwig Schema"

8th Dec - Mark Johnson (Copenhagen): "Improvising energy"

15th Dec - Marta Riccardi / Federico Favalli: Theme: "Modelling Tonal Tension"